News from TELFA - US LAW Network Conference

Michaela Fuchsova and Jiří Spousta, representing AKVK as the exclusive Czech member of the international law firms network, participated at TELFA – US LAW Network Conference held on Warsaw from 13th to 16th June, 2019. The agenda has focused on Compliance as the key tool for an effective management aiming to eliminate risks of penalties and other negative impacts on businesses, on the EU Regulation on Mandatory Disclosure Rules No. 2018/822, on use of an Artificial Intelligence in legal and justice field and on other related subjects.

The first meeting of a recently set up working group of TELFA member firms from the CEE region was held within the conference.  The purpose of the working group is to explore potential synergies and to create unified procedures so that clients can be provided with effective legal assistance. The main aim of the CEE group is to assist clients operating in more CEE jurisdictions (as well as other clients seeking specific cross-border advice from other jurisdictions) by providing them with one contact point, co-ordinating cross-border legal assistance and also taking into the account local regulations, overcoming any language barriers, etc..  The CEE group consists of the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. As stated above the aim of this initiative is to further intensify cooperation of TELFA members in the CEE region, which is in addition to existing cooperation with all other TELFA members.